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Pujya Morari Bapu

Pujya Morari Bapu-spreding wonderfull Ram Charit Maanas Bhagwat Gita Parvachan Bapu was born on the the auspicious day of Maha-shiv-ratri in Talgajarda (a small village near the port of Mahuva in the State of Gujarat, India), to Prabhudas Bapu Hariyani and Savitri Ben Hariyani. Pujya Bapu has six brothers and two sisters. From the very beginning young Moraridas (Bapu) showed signs of extraordinary brilliance and spent most of his childhood under the guidance of his Grandmother often spending hours listening to folk tales of traditional India. At the age of five Bapu began learning the Ramayana (Ram Charit Maanas) from his Grandfather and Guru, Tribhovan Das Dada. A principled and learned scholar of the Ram Charit Maanas, Tribhovandas Dada would teach five chowpais (couplets) to Bapu each day who then had to memorize them with their meaning throughout the day

Pujya Bapu recited from the Ram Charit Manas in the most sacred of abodes at Manasarovar "Lake of the Mind" at the foot of Mount Kailas in the Himalayas. Manasarovar is a natural lake at 15,500 feet above sea level which is the source of the River Saryu which flows in Ayodhya (India ) and the origin of Ram Katha by Lord Shiva. Those privileged enough to accompany Pujya Bapu to listen to Ram Katha at Manasarovar were blessed with Pujya Bapu's words and experience the greatest episode of their lifetime. Again, Pujya Bapu's love and respect for the Ram Charit Manas and it's status in resolving all miseries was recited in the most sacred abode..{}

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