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Shri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Born Jagadish Vasudev in Mysore-Karnataka, India, in 1957, Sadhguru was a precocious child reared in a traditional home. Even at an early age, he possessed a unique passion and purpose that defined his life. Preferring the wonder of nature and the eloquence of poetry to attending school, 10-year old Jaggi would often venture out alone on long treks through the surrounding mountain forests for days at a time. It was also in these mountain woods that, years later, Sadhguru found his deepest connection to himself.

Around the age 13, Sadhguru came across an elderly yogi by name Shri Raghavendra Rao, popularly known as Malladihalli Swami, who was being hosted by his grandparents. Admiring the physical agility and self-mastery of Malladihalli Swami, Sadhguru began studying yoga under him. At that time, his yoga practices were a means of attaining peak physical and mental health. “I never thought of yoga as a spiritual possibility, nor did the word ‘spiritual’ mean anything to me at that time,” he says.

Continuing his education reluctantly and attending classes intermittently, Sadhguru graduated in English Literature from the Mysore University. Subsequently, in partnership with a close friend, he built his own successful construction business. Despite his new hectic and even wild working schedule, Sadhguru continued to be an active and adventurous outdoorsman – hang gliding, racing motorcycles, and arranging hiking expeditions into the mountains for him and his friends. It was during one of these trips that Sadhguru had a deep ‘experience of the self’ that changed everything in his life.

Of all his trekking destinations, the Chamundi Hills in the outskirts of Mysore was most frequented, as it was the closest. Sadhguru, who was 25 years of age by now, had climbed the hills from it every possible face. On this particular afternoon, he’d come alone on his motorcycle and was sitting on a particular rock, that had become one of his favorite spots. It was here that Sadhguru had a deep inner experience that not only came unasked, but soon became a permanent reality for him.

“Suddenly, I had this experience that what I had considered as myself was not just my body or what was contained in my body. The rock I was sitting on, the trees, the mountains – everything was me…what was ‘me’ was everything,” Sadhguru described of the experience. “This shattered all of my limitations and delivered me to a completely new dimension of life.” Tears of joy rolling down his cheeks, he was deeply ecstatic.

"From the age of 5 years, I had not shed a drop of tear. Now so much tears flowed from my eyes that my shirt was drenched. I thought this experience was there for only about 3 to 5 minutes. But when I came back to my normal state, it was 7:30 in the evening - about four to four and a half hours had passed. The whole experience made me very ecstatic and blissful”.

“After that day, I started going through this experience often. Once I go through this experience, next 3-4 days I never sleep. I am wide-awake and I don’t eat for 2-3 days. Once it happened for 12 days - it became so intense…”

At that time Sadhguru was not somebody whom you would describe as a spiritual person or a person with such inclinations. He never went to temples or had any interest in meeting spiritual people. Belonging to the sixties, he grew up with ‘blue jeans and Beatles’. But now, in a month’s time, after the experience he just wound up all his business.

“That’s when I knew there was something fantastic in me, but I did not know how to share it.” He happened to meet some spiritual people who confirmed the mention of such experiences in spiritual literature but refused to believe that it was happening to him. “I found all these people on the spiritual path were talking of something fantastic but they did not have the experience. I had a big experience but I did not know how to express myself”.

This spontaneous experience of unbounded awareness, often referred to as “enlightenment,” revealed to Sadhguru that the same possibility exists for every human being. “It was very, very clear to me that every human being could live blissfully like this and it doesn’t need any external reason or stimulus,” he explained. Out of his realization, his deep understanding of the yogic sciences, and his desire to share this possibility with all human beings, Isha Yoga was born.

Today, full two decades after the experience, Sadhguru remains deeply engaged in creating an elaborate mechanism and a movement to bring to fruition the large scale manifestation of the fullest realization of the human potential. Sadhguru has often mentioned that it is his dream that just as walking down a street in India one runs into a handful of vegetable vendors, one day walking down the streets he would like run into a handful of enlightened people.

When not on his lecture tours and travels Sadhguru lives in Isha Yoga Center at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore, India. He has two pets – Great Danes Siddhaa and Malli. These days, he is often visited by a graceful, old, 13-foot cobra, Naga, from the nearby Velliangiri Mountains. Website:

Amma : Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Many people wonder how a little girl from a simple South Indian village came to be known throughout the world as "Amma, the Mother of All." Motherhood, in its ultimate sense, has nothing to do with bearing a child, but with love, compassion and selflessness. It lies in totally giving one's self to others.

If we look at Amma's life, this is what we see—someone who has offered her every thought, word and deed for the benefit of others. Giving is the essence. It's just that when the homeless come crying for shelter and Amma gives them a house, we call her a "humanitarian." And when the sorrowful come crying for emotional solace and she gives them love, we call her a "mother." And when those thirsty for spiritual knowledge come earnestly seeking and she gives them wisdom, we call her a "guru." This attitude of selflessly serving all creation, knowing others to be extensions of one's own self, Amma refers to as vishwa matrutvam—universal motherhood. And it is to this pinnacle of human existence that Amma is trying to awaken the world through her life, teachings and darshan [divine embrace].

Questions about the nature of the soul, the universe and God; about dharma, love and family life; about meditation and other spiritual practices…. Amma has been clearing the doubts of sincere seekers on such subtle subjects since her youth. She never had a guru nor studied the Vedas, yet she speaks on the truths expressed within the scriptures with wisdom, clarity and true insight. Hers is not an academic knowledge, but the knowledge of one who is ever-established in the Ultimate Reality. It is for this reason that Amma's simple childhood home has become the spiritual home to thousands—an ashram where aspirants from around the world reside in order to imbibe Amma's wisdom and realize the Truth that is their real nature. The seeker is instructed as per his level—from the child to the sannyasi [monk].

My Dream:- A vision of a world in which women and men progress together, a world in which all men respect the fact that, like the two wings of a bird, women and men are of equal value. - Amma

Seeing the whole world as an extension of her own self, Amma is ever ready to forego her own body's needs in order to bring a smile to someone's face, wipe their tears or to simply listen to their sorrows. The sweet manner in which she laughs and jokes with people, shares in their success and failure has endeared millions to her throughout the world. In fact, many see Amma as their lifelong confidant and friend. Giving darshan in this manner is verily Amma's life—day after day, week after week, year after year. In fact, Amma has been doing so since she was just 17 years old, and she has been known to sit embracing people continuously for as long as 22 hours. Amma is able to make such a personal sacrifice because in her arms people feel safe, feel comforted, loved, feel that finally they've found someone who knows them through and through. And with that feeling they get the strength to move forward in life, and this, Amma feels, is infinitely more important than her physical needs. Be they young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor—everyone receives the same unconditional love. Amma turns no one away. The atheist has just as much a place with Amma as the devotee.

My Desire: Everyone in the world should be able to sleep without fear, at least for one night. Everyone should be able to eat to his fill, at least for one day. There should be at least one day when hospitals see no one admitted due to violence. - Amma

For Amma, Advaita [non-dualism] is not a mere philosophy, but something to be lived. As such, Amma's every thought, word and deed resound with that greatest of truths: Everything within and without is divine. Accordingly, Amma oversees a massive matrix of humanitarian activities. Hospitals for the sick, homes for the homeless, disaster relief, orphanages, hospices, free pensions, suicide-prevention, employment programs… the list is endless. Influenced by Amma's example and experiencing her pure love, thousands upon thousands of people from around the world have been inspired to take up a life of service—giving whatever time or money they can spare in order to help others. It is the seed of love Amma has planted within them beginning to sprout that has brought this about. This has been Amma's vision from the beginning. Amma says, "In today's world, people experience two types of poverty: the poverty caused by lack of food, clothing and shelter, and the poverty caused by lack of love and compassion. Of these two, the second type needs to be considered first—because, if we have love and compassion in our hearts, then we will wholeheartedly serve those who suffer from lack of food, clothing and shelter." This is the secret behind the success of Amma's charitable mission and how its expansion seems to be constant and without end. And the brilliance of Amma's grand scheme is that not only are the downtrodden uplifted but also the volunteers, as the selflessness of their actions purifies their minds, helping them to gradually progress along the spiritual path. Amma's charitable social services cross all barriers of nationality, race, caste and religion, and have drawn the attention of the world community. In 2005, Amma's organization, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, was given special consultative status by the United Nations.

It's better get worn out than rust away. - Amma

Humanitarian, Mother, Friend, Guru, God…people see her differently. Amma has offered herself to the world. In reality, Amma is beyond all such roles, knowing her true nature to be the true nature of us all—the blissful divine consciousness that pervades this universe. But out of her infinite compassion, Amma comes down to the level of whoever is standing before her—the poor, the lonely, the seeker—in order to give what is desired, what is needed. It was for this purpose alone that Amma was born and for this alone that Amma lives today. In fact, Amma has said that she wishes to be lovingly caressing someone, consoling them and wiping their tears even when she breathes her last. Website :

Jagadguru Kripaluji

A Divine breeze permeated the entire brahmand on the Sharat Poornima night of October, 1922, when Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj appeared in Mangarh village (near Allahabad, India) in a most respectable brahman family. From the very first day he delighted the hearts of everyone around him with his sweet smile and serene look.

Sharat Poornima is the famous full moon night of October when Shree Raseshwari Radha Rani revealed the true Vrindaban Bliss about 5,000 years ago that enticed the heart of God Shiv.

Kripaluji Maharaj is lovingly called Maharajji by his devotees. Since childhood his extraordinary virtues were noticed by the people. (As a custom of the family, his elderly people got him married at an early age.) When he was around fourteen years of age he went to Indore to study Sanskrit literature, and, to the amazement of the teachers of that institution, whatever topic he chose to study, he mastered all of them within two years.

His sankirtan programs of those days were like the vivid glow of Radha Krishn love that touched every heart, inspired everyone who was there and thrilled every soul who desired Krishn love. Quite often he revealed the Bliss of ‘Hari Bol...’ in his Bhavavesh ecstasy during satsang.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji, who was the descension of Radha Rani, showered the true nectar of Krishn name through the chanting of ‘Hare Ram...’ and revealed the most amazing ecstatic state of Radha Bhao in his ‘Hari Bol...’ chanting which happened only during the ecstasy (Bhavavesh). According to the known history of the rasik Saints, these eminent states of Radha Krishn love were revealed on the earth planet by Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji for the first time in the last 5,000 years. The same expressions of Divine love were seen in Shree Kripaluji Maharaj when he chanted ‘Hare Ram...’ and sang ‘Hari Bol...’ in ecstasy.

Thus, resounding Uttar Pradesh (Agra, Mathura, Allahabad, etc.) with ‘Hari Bol...’ he again came back to Mahu in early 1942. Apart from nam sankirtan, he began to sing leela pad (songs) also.

His unlimited Grace on the souls

From the early morning until he goes to bed, Shree Maharajji is among the devotees showering the nectar of Krishn love in many ways. Sometimes he is playfully talking with the devotees, sometimes he is giving darshan, sometimes he is walking among the devotees in the satsang hall and giving them a feeling of closeness with him, sometimes he is introducing a new line of chanting, sometimes he is giving a devotional speech, and so on. Chanting of the names, virtues and the leelas is always going on wherever Shree Maharajji stays.

Shree Maharajji mostly resides in his ashrams at Mangarh, Barsana and Vrindaban. Thousands of people visit these Divine centers to have Shree Maharajji’s darshan and to participate in ecstatic chanting programs and celebrations like Holi, Guru Poornima, Janmashtmi, Radha Ashtmi, Sharat Poornima, and Divali etc. Sometimes Shree Maharajji visits different cities and towns of India to enlighten the hearts and minds of the huge audiences that gather to hear his explanations of the Divine philosophy. His vivid descriptions of Radha Krishn leelas and virtues thrill the audience with the experience of Krishn love.

In March, 2002 a historical event took place when Shree Maharajji went to Jagannath Puri in Orissa during his visit to Bhuvaneshwar and gave his darshan to thousands of enthusiastic devotees. In Bhuvaneshwar he Graced the enormous crowds with the Divine knowledge in his amazing discourses and imparted devotional love into the hearts of the devotees through his powerful chantings of Radha Krishn name.

Shree Maharajji’s entire life is the revelation of the state of Radha Krishn love.
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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a universally revered spiritual and humanitarian leader. His vision of a violence-free, stress-free society through the reawakening of human values has inspired millions to broaden their spheres of responsibility and work towards the betterment of the world.

Sri Sri is a multi-faceted social activist whose initiatives include conflict resolution, disaster and trauma relief, poverty alleviation, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all and campaigns against female foeticide and child labour. He is engaged in peace negotiations and counselling in conflict zones around the world. His expertise in bringing opposing parties to the negotiating table in areas such as Sri Lanka, Iraq, Cameroon, Kashmir and Bihar is widely acknowledged.

In 1981, Sri Sri established the Art of Living, an educational and humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisation that works in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Present in over 140 countries, it formulates and implements lasting solutions to conflicts and issues faced by individuals, communities and nations. In 1997, Sri Sri founded the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) to foster human values and lead sustainable development projects.

Sri Sri has reached out to an estimated 300 million people worldwide through personal interactions, public events, teachings, Art of Living workshops and humanitarian initiatives. Not since Mahatma Gandhi has one person united people of different traditions and faiths into a spiritual communion across the length and breadth of India.

He has brought to the masses ancient practices which were traditionally kept exclusive and has designed many self-development techniques which can easily be integrated into daily life to calm the mind and instill confidence and enthusiasm. These techniques have helped thousands overcome depression and violent and suicidal tendencies. One of his most unique offerings to the world is the Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique that facilitates physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

Numerous honours have been bestowed upon Sri Sri, including the Order of the Pole Star (the highest state honour in Mongolia), the Peter the Great Award (Russian Federation), the Sant Shri Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize (India) and the Global Humanitarian Award (USA). Sri Sri has addressed several prestigious international forums, including the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit (2000), the World Economic Forum (2001, 2003) and several parliaments across the globe.

Sri Sri travels to nearly 40 countries every year, exemplifying his call to globalise wisdom. His universal message is that love and wisdom can prevail over hatred and distress.

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The BrahmaKumaris - the philosophy, the perspective and the purpose

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, (Brahma Kumaris in short) is a unique Vishwa Vidyalaya (university) and a well known spiritual value based educational institution. Through it’s teachings, the institution has gained global acceptance and unique international recognition. The institution believes in the parenthood of God and the brotherhood of man and is open to the people of the entire globe irrespective of their caste, creed, age and social, economic or political status.

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya and the two other institutions created by it, namely Raj Yoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris Academy for a Better World are dedicated to the goal of establishing a Value-based society. The main focus is the development of human potential. They aim at bringing harmony in human relations and changing the attitudes and outlook of man so that there is the spirit of brotherhood, love and co-operation.

In order to achieve this goal of establishing a new world order in which there is honesty, sincerity, goodwill and high civic sense, these institutions facilitate people to have a clear vision of their goal and also respective role in the world drama. They give them a clear world view and also knowledge of their own identity. They also teach theory and practice of Rajyoga Meditation so that man’s mind becomes free from tension, bias, prejudices, hypocrisy, jealousy, hatred, greed, ego and such other negative tendencies that cause conflict in the society and degrade the person himself. It gives special guidance for the effort of inculcating moral values and divine virtues in the self and enables a person to experience deep peace and bliss through Meditation and Spiritual Wisdom.

The emphasis of Brahma Kumaris is on promoting the qualities of humanism, tolerance and never-ending enthusiasm for spreading the knowledge of truth in every sphere of life. The institution recognises the intrinsic spirituality and goodness of every human being and helps people rediscover that goodness themselves within, encouraging and facilitating the development of spiritual awareness, attitudes, behavior and skills through a process of lifelong learning. The institution's purpose is to share the vision of a world where people live in harmony with others and to strengthen individual awareness of the dignity and inherent worth of every human being.

The institution imparts knowledge and experience that enable a person to face the problems of life in a calm, composed and confident manner and to stand like a rock in the midst of strong storms of circumstances. Only such a person can lead a life of inner satisfaction and kindle in others stable faith in goodness and only such a person brings honour to his nation. It firmly believes that education should be for practical life and not merely for a vocation or a profession or job. The education imparted here, though visibly spiritual in content, is a happy blend of ethics, practical psychology, metaphysics or philosophy, the gist of world history and culture, sociology, political science and, in fact, many other subjects.

As an international institution, the Brahma Kumaris offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to learn meditation and deepen their understanding of universal principles and innate values through a variety of educational programmes, courses and learning resources. As a worldwide family of individuals from all walks of life, the institution provides a caring, co-operative and supportive environment, which encourages individuals to bring out the best in themselves. As a global organization, the institution has created opportunities for people across the world to participate in a variety of initiatives aimed at creating a better world where people live in peace and harmony.

The institution believes that all the problems plaguing the society and the world today - social, economical, political, religious etc – can be eradicated only by building character in all human beings. There is a well-known saying that “if character is lost, everything is lost”. Hence the institution gives utmost importance to character-formation and to maintaining peace. It believes that if peace is lost, everything is meaningless and purposeless. The inculcation of moral and spiritual values is not a luxury or burden but an absolute necessity.

Brahma Kumaris is an institution with a difference. It is run mostly by women with a spirit of dedication, devotion, renunciation and sacrifice for the welfare of the society as a whole, without any distinction on the basis of race, religion, nationality, caste or creed and without charging any fees. It is supported by voluntary contributions of its students.more @

What Is Meditation

Meditation helps to get a step forward to reach God Meditation is easier than you think! Meditation helps in reducing stress, goal setting and actualization, revitalization, along with many more benefits. Meditation can refresh your mind and reduce the tension
Meditation: Meditation is often associated with stress relief, and with good reason. According to Health Guide, meditation can bring on the relaxation ...Open Heart Meditation can bring more joy, peace, and calm into your life by opening and cleansing your heart of negative

Anandmurti Gurumaa

Born on the 8th of April 1966 at Amritsar in Punjab, India, she is not only a convent educated arts graduate in the worldly sense, but Master of Life and Beyond. She has been a mentor, counselor and a guide to people around her right from her schooldays. As she says, 'A rose is born a rose, and need not do anything to be a rose.' As a child, her home was always being visited by spiritually evolved people. When at the early age of fifteen, she went for a pilgrimage and was surrounded by admirers and seekers, it was not a surprise for the family. She travelled through her teens and by the age of twenty four settled down in Rishikesh in a hermitage. But destiny wanted her to spread her wings far and wide so that she could reach out to the maximum number of troubled souls. Soon she was seen on television, which made her available to millions of viewers worldwide. She established her Ashram in Gannaur, Dist. Sonepat, Haryana where various residential retreats and workshops are being held throughout the year. The ashram is a place full of positive energy, tranquil and calm, full of natural beauty, which enables the seekers to evolve naturally under Gurumaa’s guidance. But soon her work spread and Soon she was seen on television, which made her available to millions of viewers worldwide now she is based in Gannaur, Harayana. Where she is available to her disciples year around where various residential workshops are organized. Her ashram is a beautiful place with beauty and empty spaces to rejoice and evolve spiritually.Gurumaa had also begun in her own way to deliver satsang even while she was a schoolgirl. After school, she would rush to deliver her satsangs. People were drawn to her and made every endeavour to be a part of that Amrit Varsha. More Source

Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji

Babaji graced numerous people and those who got his grace were overwhelmed with his sagacious wisdom on basic facts of human life. Baba Shivanand Ji is an great love and devine wisdom known as father of indian heling revived the sacred wisdom of ancient India and opened the gates of esoteric knowledge for the common man. BaBa ji is self realized master and also social reformer He is selflessly engaged in social spiritual and dhayna activitiesto realize his aim of healing the humanity.From the very little age Babaji had a strong passion for God realisation.God realisation, blessed with the divine healing powers, overflowing with love, grace and compassion Babaji is guiding the humankind to use the divine energy to lead a complete and balanced life ultimately reaching their divine destiny i.e. the Union with the Infinite. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji charismatic personality His teachings do not reflect any elitism that’s why they are of immense help to the society.Our destiny can change by practicing the Siddha ways of meditation through Babaji’s guidance and grace. The Siddha lineage, born of Siddhagurus and pursued with missionary zeal by Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji, takes upon itself to peep into the internal orifices of beings in order to rectify the errors here-to-fore overlooked. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji has dedicated his life to the noble endeavor of spreading sacred and pragmatic legacy of Siddhagurus to all corners of the world.
Baba ji is gret to know by spreading healing mind healing and dhayn

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born on March 21, 1923 to a Christian family in Chindawara, India. Her parents were Prasad and Cornelia Salve, direct descendants of the royal Shalivahana dynasty. Seeing the beauty of this child who was born with a spotless brilliance, they called her Nirmala, which means 'Immaculate'.
Later on she came to be known by the multitudes by the name of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - the revered Mother who was born with her complete Self Realization and knew from a very young age that she had a unique gift which had to be made available to all mankind.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has dedicated her life to triggering the spiritual ascent of mankind through Self Realization, reclaiming the role of women in the spiritual evolution, and guiding humanity to correct today's moral dilemmas. It seems that the light of Gandhi's vision is being brought to fulfilment by this great lady who is revered as the compassionate Divine Mother by her followers, as the "Messenger of peace" by Ayatollah Rouhani, an Avatar of the modern era by Claes Nobel, grandnewphew of Albert Nobel (the creator of the Nobel foundation) and Chairman of United Earth.people loved to litsen mataji discourses and watch the miracle

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